White Supremacist Shoots 2 Indian Americans, He Thought They Were Muslims

Just a day after we reported on a man harassing a couple he perceived to be Muslim on an American airlines flight- another wildly shared hate incident occurred, this time in Kansas- and this time it was deadly. Hate crimes are on the rise in this country and there are no signs of it slowing down, and Muslims, and those who present as Muslim are the prime targets.

Adam Purington of Kansas City is accused of shooting three men, resulting in the death of one of them. Purinton initially targeted two Indian immigrant engineers at Austin’s Bar and grill whom he perceived to be Middle Eastern. Witnesses at the scene claimed to have overheard an altercation between the three men, with Purington shouting racial slurs. He was asked to leave by bar staff, but then returned with a gun. He then shouted “get out of my country” and opened fire.
Adam Purinton was arrested after fleeing Austin’s Bar and Grill, a suburban Kansas City restaurant that was packed Wednesday night when he allegedly blasted off several rounds at 7:15 p.m.

-Cops arrested the 51-year-old at an Applebee’s hours later in Clinton, Mo., some 80 miles away after they were able to negotiate with him over the phone early Thursday morning.

Purinton was charged with premeditated murder and two counts of attempted murder, Johnson County, Kan., District Attorney Steve Howe said at an afternoon press conference.

The slain victim was identified by authorities as Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an aviation engineer at technology company Garmin, originally Hyderabad, India.

Kuchibhotla’s co-worker Alok Madasani, a 32-year-old whose LinkedIn page shows he also attended school in India before moving to the Kansas City area in the mid 2000s, was wounded in the shooting and remains at the hospital.

Garmin spokeswoman Carly Hysell told the Daily News that the company is not publicly identifying the employees, but that the second worker is no longer in critical condition.

A GoFundMe page for Kuchibhotla’s loved ones had raised more than $38,000 as of Thursday afternoon as those who knew the engineer mourned his passing.


Witnesses also reported that a confrontation between Purinton and a thrid individual ensued when a man stood up to him. Ian Grillot was the man Witnesses “found himself in the wrong place trying to be a helping hand”. Ian Grillot who’s sister Maggie explained that her brother “though all rounds were done and tried to go after the man.” But Purinton still had rounds left and shot Grillot.

Another fundraising page for Grillot has also been created.

Witnesses told the Kansas City Star that Purinton been drinking hard, and continually exclaimed racial slurs. When a bar regular told him to stop, the man yelled “get out of my country” before he started shooting.

Police in Clinton, Mo., said that an Applebee’s bartender called them after a customer said he was involved in a shooting.

Prosecutors and police at Thursday’s press conference did not elaborate on details of what happened inside Austin’s.

An FBI representative said that investigators are looking into whether the shooting violated federal laws such as those involving hate crimes.

Purinton appeared in court on Thursday and waived extradition so he can be taken back to Kansas.

While the FBI is reluctant to call the crime hate motivated, it is apparent to onlookers that it was. Law enforcement needs to stop mincing words and making light of the seriousness of the rise in hate crimes. Until that happens justice for these three victims will never be achieved and hate crimes will continue to be on the rise.

President Trump fans the flames of hate by validating bigoted views of Islamophobia with orders such as the “Muslim Ban”, and legitimizes racism with the building of the border wall, and for these reasons alone it is no wonder that racists will take matters into their own hands believing that they doing the president a favor and ridding Trump’s “unwanted” ones from America.


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